Malicious misrepresentation in media publications of a “charge” to wind up PESL

The Management of Prudent Energy and Services Limited (“PESL”) has been notified of news circulated in the media on 8 August 2022, alleging that a “charge” to wind-up PESL over an alleged inability to pay $6 million debt has been presented to the Federal High Court by Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited (Zenon).

The story is misleading. The facts of the matter are as follows:

  • Ignite and Zenon together with its affiliates recently concluded the arbitration proceedings for the purposes of determining the amount due from Zenon to Ignite. The arbitrators have indicated that a decision will be made in the month of August 2022.
  • PESL, the parent company of Ignite, provided a corporate guarantee to Zenon in respect of any obligations of Ignite to Zenon.  The actual obligations of Ignite to Zenon (or vice versa) can only really be determined after the arbitral award has been delivered.
  • Zenon presented a winding-up petition against PESL to enforce the corporate guarantee even though the arbitral award that will provide clarity on what may be due to either side is still pending. This petition has neither been argued nor ruled on by the court before which it has been presented.
  • To Zenon’s knowledge, the subject of Zenon’s Winding-Up petition and its entitlement to any sum from PESL is vigorously contested by PESL through a High Court suit commenced by PESL against Zenon on 21 July 2022 to prevent Zenon from frivolously enforcing the corporate guarantee until the arbitral award has been delivered.
  • Zenon is aware that the subject of its petition will be resolved by arbitration very soon. It has nevertheless commenced winding-up proceedings against PESL, a move that obviously seeks to pre-empt the imminent decision of the arbitrators.

The de facto advertisement, in the form of media publications, of the Winding-Up Petition commenced by Zenon against PESL, when no court has authorised the advertisement of such Petition, is illegal and prejudicial. It is prohibited by Rule 19(1) of the Companies Winding-Up Rules 2001. PESL will file a complaint with the Nigerian Press Council against the perpetrators of the malicious, libellous, and illegal publications.

In the meantime, the Board and Management of PESL assure all our stakeholders that we run a sustainable business based on sound corporate governance principles and best ethical standards. We continue to generate robust cashflows that are in excess of our requirements to fulfil all commitments to counterparties.

Finally, we confirm that the matter with Zenon is being handled via the proper channels. We kindly request that you ignore the blatant and malicious falsehoods being circulated in the media.



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