HSE Policy

Our HSE Policy

At Prudent Energy, we are fully committed to maintaining a safe working environment for our employees, contractors, the community and other stakeholders.

At all our facilities, we adhere to the highest standard of safety regulations which ensure an accident free working environment, and maintain the health and security of our employees, contractors and host communities.

We are an environmentally conscious entity and this reflects in our policy. We operate in compliance with all relevant and applicable environmental legislation, standards, and requirements that promote the integrity of the environment.

Health & Safety

We provide a safe working environment that poses no risks to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the community and stakeholders in full compliance to local laws, customs, cultures and applicable legislation.

The Environment

It is our policy to ensure that our processes, equipment used and working environments in all facilities, are at all times, in accordance with the highest standards applicable, to ensure the integrity of the environment is maintained.


We consider effective security as a major business enabler. We regularly check and identify exposure to security risks, and implement controls to protect our personnel, clients and shareholders.

Community Relations

Prudent Energy remains committed to balancing its business needs with the needs of the communities within which we operate.

Drug & Alcohol

We understand the dangers alcohol/drug abuse pose to the work place, so we have put in place structures and processes that help us examine employees’ fitness to work based on these parameters.

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