Our Brand

Our bold new brand embodies our newly defined purpose; an energy services brand with the strategic alliance to drive economic prosperity in our chosen markets.

Within a decade of operating in the downstream energy sector and achieving remarkable success in building relationships with local and international clients and stakeholders; we have emerged as a strategic partner in the downstream energy sector.

To adequately represent this status and our future ambition, we reinvented our outlook to suit our present and future. We redefined our aspiration, positioning and promise to fit the realities of an evolving socio-economic landscape.

This redefined outlook is the foundation of all that we are, what we do and what we intend for the future. It’s the true definition of our identity and we are always careful to effectively communicate and live it out to our audience.

Our Logo

Our logo is a simple yet deep representation of what our brand stands for. Our intention is to build purpose around our brand in a more visual and impactful way, one that becomes a lot visible, recognizable and stands as a symbol of trust and bonding between us and our customers.

Our logo illustrates our fluid, dynamic and bold approach to unlocking new energy possibilities. It serves as a reminder of our commitment to create a trustworthy company that stands as a key to economic prosperity in our chosen markets.

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